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While smoking cannabis flower to get THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) may remain as the most popular route of consumption, THC oils offer a newfound way to enjoy cannabis. THC oils are created by using various extraction methods to pull the valuable THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Thc oil for sale UK
Does THC Oil Get You High?
Absolutely. THC is the cannabis compound that is most psychoactive, and it is the most intoxicating. In fact, a THC oil may be more potent than regular flower, depending on how the oil was made and how the oil is then used. For example, if you find a THC oil that contains a higher milligram level of THC, thc oil wholesale Europe
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it’s very possible that just a few drops or hits with a vaporizer will be ample enough to generate a buzz. On the contrary, if you were smoking cannabis flower, you may have to smoke more to achieve the same effects because you are likely going to get less THC with every puff. Thc oil cartridges for sale, buy thc oil for pain

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