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A strain with truly legendary roots, Dr. Grinspoon is a pure sativa bud that hails from Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam. With unknow parents to thank, this bud take home second place honors at the Cannabis Cup. And is name after a 1970s Harvard professor and cannabis advocate, Dr. Lester Grinspoon. Anyone who smokes this strain is in a way paying homage to this man. Who work tirelessly to normalize weed far before it was legalized. Buy Dr grinspoon weed online, buy weed in Greece buy cannabis in Patras buy brown hash in europe buy thc oil in sydney

THC levels can get rather high here with an average of 23% and it’s advised that newer users proceed extremely slowly. Her buds are quite unusual looking, with a shape that resembles a cluster of berries adorned with wiry orange hairs and a light dusting of trichomes. Both flavors and aromas are incredibly appealing, as tangy lemon is balanced with herbs and a slight chemical note.

If you have a wealth of tasks on your plate, you may want to invite Dr. Grinspoon along for the ride. This strain offers an energetic high that’s heavily cerebral in nature, so just a few puffs will go a heck of a long way. Buy Dr grinspoon weed online, buy weed in Greece buy cannabis in Patras buy brown hash in Europe buy thc oil in sydney

Introspection peaks as your creativity and desire to chat with others reaches new levels. Making it a great strain for individuals in highly collaborative work environments. You might find that you can skip your morning cup of coffee and simply replace. It with a toke of this fabulous strain instead, but make sure to pace yourself.





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