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Buy gelatti strain online, There are all kinds of strains gaining favoritism within the mainstream cannabis community. Some designer strains have even begun popping up as we keep seeking out more creative genetic crossings to create near-godly potent cannabis. From these endeavors, Gelatti was born. Gelatti strain for sale, order Gellati weed online, Gelatti packs for sale, buy Gelatti cookies in USA

Two of the currently most popular up and down the West Coast are the Biscotti strain, and the Gelato strain. Both gaining rapid popularity from their strong terpene profiles, THC levels, and gorgeous appearances, it’s not hard to see. When you cross these two crowd favorites though, you get something even crazier—the Gelatti strain.
Crossing Gelato and Biscotti has made a hybrid designer strain like no other. The appearance of the nugs have a nice light green hue that’s accented beautifully by frosty crystals coating a super dense bud. You’ll notice a gassy smell that reminds you of any OG strain. This couples well with a noticeable menthol and familiar Gelato resolve on the taste. This is a musky strain that has a minty-sweetness to it that gives you a perfect balance of flavor and pure gas. Buy Gelatti cookies in USA

Buy gelatti strain online

There aren’t a lot of growers that are producing this strain in the legal cannabis market. In Washington state, you won’t find this gas lurking around nearly anywhere. It seems as though this particular strain has largely made its home in California. As the legal market grows it’s interesting to see which strains are becoming favorites on a state-to-state level. Gelatti packs for sale

Berner’s brand Cookies is currently producing a Gelatti strain that’s gaining further popularity by the second. His offering of the strain comes in at nearly 20 percent THC and crazy amounts of terps. He’s been on fire the last couple years with cutting-edge genetics that have taken over California. Recently Berner had a new Cookies store open in Redding. Check out this post from Berner on Twitter about Cookies’ Gelatti strain from last year.order Gellati weed online

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