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If you like potent concentrates such as Shatter you are in the right spot. We provide shatter in quantities from a single gram up to 8 ounces. Thanks to our local BC producers, we are happy to offer to the most. Discerning smokers shatters at the best price on the market. Buy shatter online in europe where to buy shatter in italy buy quality thc wax buy cannabis in Austria Runtz packs for sale in UK

Shatter is the solidified form of BHO Butane hash oil, which looks like a glassy amber. The level of THC can reach up to 90%, which makes Shatter one of the most powerful concentrates in the market.We have Shatter made out of the most iconic Marijuana strains. Such as Bruce Banner, Lemon Cake, Pineapple Express. If you have a favourite strain, you should try its Shatter version!


Shatter is an extremely potent extraction of THC from flowers that has a high concentration of THC. BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is create under rigorous conditions to create a clean byproduct through a process called Solvent Extraction. By mixing the flowers with a solvent (the most common being Butane). It is then extract by filtering and evaporating the solvent. A sticky resinous liquid with terpenes and a strong herbal odor remains.

buy shatter online in Europe where to buy shatter in italy buy quality thc wax buy cannabis in Austria Runtz packs for sale in UK

The BHO is then create by purging the sticky resinous residue that removes the solvent leaving a Pure oil which often is stable under stable temperatures call shatter itself. The BHO contains a very high amount of THC as the plant matter is completely. Extract from the flowers itself and only the “high” THC part of the plant is left. It is recommended to smoke shatter through a quartz nail to ensure you get the best taste of our selection of shatters from local reputable producers.




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