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This Moon Rockets preroll claims to have 1000mg in it. 1000mg of what though? THC would be my assumption, but that also seems impossible. moonrockets pre rolls for sale, buy strawberry moonrockets prerolls, order prerolls online NL, prerolls for sale ireland, weed joints wholesale

I included a 1gram size cartridge for comparison. That live resin product tests at over 80%, therefore contains over 800mg of concentrate. Which cannot be smoked like a typical joint. So how could that much be packed into a single flower/keif/wax preroll? Especially one this tiny!?

Has anyone tried one of these, and could this even be true? I’m bringing this to reddit to find out. Buy strawberry moonrockets prerolls

For the record, the joint weighs in at 1.2g, therefore would need to somehow be more than 83% thc…including paper. Sounds more like they just put “1000mg” of stuff in it, and make a bogus claim for the sake of making a sale

moonrockets pre rolls for sale

Personally, I’m already kind of turned off by the fact that they are labelled by flavors, and not strains. It all just seems a little iffy to me, and our shop’s history with moon rocket carts wasn’t necessarily a good one. I won’t sell my clients garbage, so what does the internet think? order prerolls online NL

As a professional in the industry, I do make it my business to question the validity and quality products. Our store needs a better preroll selection to provide for our client base, and we’ve been trying some new options out. prerolls for sale ireland, weed joints wholesale


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