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October 2019 marked one year since Canada legalised cannabis for recreational use and in the build up to the US election. Cannabis has become a hot topic. However, with much of our attention focuse on North America. It’s ‘high’ time we turn to Europe to see what progress is being de in countries closer to home. countries where weed is legal in europe,buy skunk online UK, skunk for sale Europe, has anyone bought weed online, buy edibles online Europe


Luxembourg, one of Europe’s smallest countries, is due to be the first to legalise cannabis for recreational use. In November 2018, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel announced that the three main parties of the coalition – the Democratic Party, Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party and the Greens – would legalise cannabis, creating a fully regulated adult use market by 2022/23. Whilst cannabis for medicinal use has been legal since June 2018, when the new laws are passed individuals. Will be allowed to be in possession of 30 grams of cannabis, the same amount which is legal in Canada. The exact details of this legislation are still being discussed, such as age restrictions and a ban on non-residents to deter drug tourism.

The Netherlands

Cannabis has been decriminalise in the Netherlands since 1976 With recreational use allow via the famous coffeeshop system. As well as this, the Netherlands was the first country in. The world to legalise medicinal cannabis, due to the work of Health Minister Els Borst back in 1999.

The coffeeshop system permits establishments to sell cannabis in small quantities, though it is still officially illegal. There are also strict licensing regulations for these coffeeshops, such as age restrictions and controls over the marketing and appearance of shops. Another issue faced by the shops is the reliance on the ‘back door’. Illicit market to stock their shelves due to commercial cultivation of cannabis still being illegal.

It is thus significant that the government has now approved trials to experiment with possible methods to advance legalisation. Starting in 2021, ten municipalities will take part in a four-year study called the ‘closed supply cannabis experiment’ where all these coffeeshops will only be supplied by regulated growers. buy skunk online UK, skunk for sale Europe, has anyone bought weed online, buy edibles online Europe


The Maltese government decriminalised recreational use of cannabis in 2015 and legalised medical use in 2018. On the 9th of March 2018, Malta’s Drug Dependence Act was amend. Which provided doctors with the ability to prescribe cannabis to their patients. The ‘Production of Cannabis for Medicinal Use Act’ was also introduce in April 2018, which allowe companies to obtain. A licence allowing them to produce and manufacture cannabis for medical use on Maltese land.

This momentum was further by Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party. Partit Laburista, who before the 2017 election promise that he would commit to legalising recreational cannabis if re-elect. However, it is now two years later and there still hasn’t been any concrete plans laid out. This may be partly due to the parliamentary secretary, Julia Farrugia Portelli, as it has been reported that she wants to wait in order to first release an educational campaign, which will be rolled out nationally. This campaign would aim to educate around the harms of drug use. Before the government considers putting through legislation to reform recreational use.


Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) was the last of Germany’s main political. Parties to take a prohibitive line on recreational cannabis, but now seem to have performed a U-turn in its views. These reports are based on recent statements by Marian Wendt, the CDUs interior policy spokesperson who said that “cannabis could be freed for personal use, of course with controlled production and distribution”. 

The speed of this volte-face is what makes this case especially interesting. Just last year Marlene Mortler, the predecessor of the Bavarian sister party to the CDU, the Christian Social Union (CSU), position was that the idea of legalising cannabis was the wrong move as it “suggests, to young people especially, that cannabis is not a dangerous substance”. 

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