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Blue Gelato 41 marijuana seeds from Barney’s Farm is a feminized strain that promises to bring. The best of the American genetics when it comes to taste, aroma and yield. This strain was originate from the cross between the Blueberry. Thin Mint clone of Girl Scout Cookies and a Sunset Sherbert, which will bring mor .Freshness and sweetness to this new genetics. With huge yields and a unique taste and aroma, Blue Gelato 41 promises to offer something never seen before. Where can i buy gelato 41 online UK, lebanese hash for sale europe, buy monkey glue online. Buy backwood cartridges in europe,granddaddy purp stiiizy
Blue Gelato 41 is a plant that needs some special cares, so it is not suitable for beginners. Specially its height and feeding must be well controlled. Otherwise it is a plant that adapts well to any type of substrate and has a very high resistance to mold and humidity, so it can survive the climate of colder or rainy places.


Blue Gelato 41 structure is typical of a hybrid plant, with a medium internodal distance but with a rather Sativa growth vigour. For that reason it is a plant that is very branche out and grows quite a lot, reaching 2 mts.
Indoors it is recommende to control it with SCroG and outdoors, if the cultivation space is limite, to carry out supercropping. At the end of its flowering, this plant presents, in some of its phenotypes, bright bluish and purple colours, moreover enormous quantities of resin, making it ideal for extractions.
Blue Gelato 41 is a powerful strain, with a balanced effect. While providing an energetic feeling, brain clarity and a pleasant psychedelic touch, it is a variety that relaxes the body and can be used to help reduce or eliminate muscle aches and pains.
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